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How To Order a Commission 📝

to order is easy and simple, you just have to contact me in one of my social networks or preferably discord.

Many ideas, many ways to make them. under that premise, to order a commission you must have a clear idea of what you want to order. it is important that you be as specific as possible, give details and provide reference images for what you want me to do.

It is important to clarify that the payment must be in full to start the work (detailed explanation in the Terms & Conditions).

what i do and what i don’t 📜

As an artist and a person, there are certain things I like and certain things I don’t like, as well as things I do and things I don’t do. in this list you will find the list of things I do and don’t do.

Do👍 Don’t👎
Toddler, Loli, Shota, Teen, Milf, Futa, Traps, Shorstacks, Plump/chubby, BBW, pee, Dirty Genitals, Large Genitals, NTR, Gender Swap. Furry (still learning), Mecha, Guro, Scat(poop), Vore, SSBBW/Extreme Fatness, Transformation, Yaoi(super muscular men, hairy men and all that bullshit.), Real People (for legal reasons), Any shit that i really dislike.

if something that you especially want is not on any of the lists, be sure to ask.


type🏷 price💵 characters 👫 revisions👁 Changes⚙ extras📦
sketch🖍 $20💵 1 None 2 📦Extra Character: $10💵 📦Background: $10💵
lineart & flats 🖌 $40💵 1 2 2 📦Extra Character: $30💵 📦Alt: $20💵 per alt/panel 📦background: $20💵
Full render🖌✨ $65💵 1 2 4 📦Extra Character: $45💵 📦Alt: $30💵 per alt/panel 📦Background: $35💵

variants are, as the name says, variants of the base commission, such as: clothing, position of arms, legs, skin color, etc. complete pose changes or very radical changes do not apply.

revisions are the times when you can see the process of the work and when you can suggest changes or verify that everything is ok. once used there will be** no more**.

changes are, as the name says, the changes you can suggest to the job, once they have been spent there will be no more.(changes must be during the sketch)

Extra Revision $8💵 per revision
Extra Changes $5💵 per change

Terms & Conditions📜

Be clear 📖

As you may notice, I am not someone capable of reading minds, much less the mind of someone who is who knows where. so I ask you to be as clear as possible on what it is you want me to do for you.

Be Patient ⏳

be patient. to make the commission I need to be calm, I need you to understand that I can be late and if I am late there are many reasons (mainly because there are clients before you). so be patient or I will give you the money back so you leave me alone and I will never ever work for you again.

Be Respectful 🤗

Our relationship is purely commercial, so do not expect to have a chat as if we were friends, so I ask you to be aware of that, otherwise I will not work for you.

Full Payment 💰

To perform the work, I need the payment to be in full. This is a security measure to avoid unpaid work, half payments or underpayments.

Exception ⭕

there are some isolated cases in which this condition does not apply and for that I must be the one to say so,

No Refunds 🙅💸

There are no refunds of any kind once the sketch is approved. I take this as if it were a job, so if after the sketch is approved you decide to back out, I won’t give you anything. I won’t do it either if you are not sure you want to work with me, for that you better not order anything.

if in any case I am forced to give a refund, the refund will be given; however you will be blocked from all my social media and I will never work for you again under any circumstances.

Exception ⭕

there are some isolated cases in which this condition does not apply such as emergency medical expenses for any circumstance (must be verifiable), delicate economic situation in the country and others that will be considered by me.

Commercial use 📜

commercial use is fully permitted, however it must bear an attribution to me as the author of the commission/asset/sprite/etc. be placed.

Exception ⭕

attribution may be waived in certain cases after negotiation, depending on the case no extra payment will be necessary.


click on the following buttons to contact me or to make a payment

Discord paypal

if the discord link doesn’t work, my user is: Robeshiri #2962


How long will I have to wait to receive my commission?

delivery times usually vary from 1 to 2 weeks, but in case there are orders placed before yours, the waiting time will be longer.

Can I post and share my commission?

of course you can, but it is at your own risk.

I want to order several commissions, what do I do?

price may be debatable

I want to upgrade my commission, what do I do?

You only have to pay the difference of the tier to you want to upgrade.

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